‘Leak Sealers stands behind their work’

  • At Leak Sealers Environmental we are so confident in our ability to perform our many services, the quality of work our personnel are trained to perform, and most importantly, the products we use, that we offer “We Stand Behind our Work.” This statement guarantees that we will always be available. We operate 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. We have the best-qualified people to service our Clients and we have a conditional lifetime warranty on our clamps and enclosures.

  • Leak Sealers pledges to come out and adjust leaks; satisfying our clients’ needs that these costly re-pumps will be at no charge. If a plant shutdown or turn-a-round occurs, Leak Sealers will re-inject the clamp/enclosure once again at a minimum charge and start the warranty over.

  • **NOTE: All Leak Sealers clamps will be designed and fabricated in accordance with applicable ASME and ANSI codes.

  • **NOTE: All Leak Sealers warranties will be void for abuse to the product or for not normal operating conditions such as line hammering, wrong design conditions provided by the refinery personnel, and for any drastic change in the operating conditions which were not stated in the paperwork before installation of the enclosure.

  • ** NOTE All warranty will be done at no charge if it is performed on a routine basis. ( 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Friday.)

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