Industrial Valve Repair

Leak Sealers has a very extensive Valve Repair program. Technicians service your valves in two different scenarios which are handled quickly and correctly saving you time and money. We understand your need for immediate Valve Repairs and Leak Sealers Response Team has and the fleet of vehicles on call 24/7. Technical crews are able to satisfy any valve repair needs with an array of capabilities.

 Valve Types We Repair:

  • Ball Valves

  • Gate Valves

  • Globe Valves

  • Plug Valves

valve repair lumberton, texas

Two Scenarios For Valve Repair:

Scenario 1 While Valve Is Still In Service

  • All repairs are performed while the valve is still in service.

  • Drill and inject the valve housing

  • Gagging and changing existing packing bolts

  • Drill and inject the valve seat while in service

valve repair lumberton, texas

Scenario 2 While Valve Is Not In Service

  • Hand Packing of the stuffing box of the valve

  • Resurfacing of the flanges

  • Break-out and re-torque the flanges

All of these options are desired in the industry. Leak Sealers emergency response team have many years of experience in performing each one of the tasks.

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