Specialty Services

Leak Sealers, Inc. has built a great reputation in the environmental industry because of the specialty services offered to its customers including Leak Repair, Industrial Wraps, Valve Repair, and VOC Leak Repair. Each one of these services guarantees issues your facility faces will be resolved 100% upon completion by Leak Sealers personnel. The On-Stream Leak Sealing Service we offer is the ground foundation in which the company was built. Industrial Wraps provide quality product application by certified technicians ensuring the job is successful. Valve Repairs repair any valve within your facility which fails; whether your unit is up and running or you’re in the middle of a shutdown. VOC Leak Repair is a staple in preventing fugitive emissions from escaping to the atmosphere which needs to be prevented at all costs. These VOC Repairs are essential in the conservation of the environment.

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Leak Repair

Leak Sealers, Inc. On-Stream Leak Repairing capabilities carry a reputation of being “second-to-none” in the industry giving our customers both quality and safety with response times which can’t be beaten. When Leak Sealers’ crews are called on, you will be in constant communication with our staff.
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Industrial Wraps

Leak Sealers, Inc. provides the latest Industrial Wrapping technologies. We provide services for liner wraps as well as preventative maintenance pipe integrity wraps for external corrosion or corrosion under insulation.
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Valve Repair

Leak Sealers, Inc. provides a very extensive and elaborate Valve Repair Service. Response team members are able to service any valve while in operation or during a unit shutdown. Our certified technicians are highly qualified to handle either situation quickly and efficiently.
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VOC Leak Repair

Leak Sealers, Inc. provides VOC Leak Repair which focuses on preventing fugitive emissions from escaping into the atmosphere. Leak Sealers contributes a great deal of their attention on the prevention of these harmful pollutants from becoming released unnecessarily.
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