Specialty Programs

The VOC Emissions Program and the Steam Loss Abatement Program are two of the most used and useful programs offered by Leak Sealers, Inc. Both of these programs have proven themselves time and time again to protect the environment and prevent major fines.

  • The VOC Emissions Program deals directly fugitive emissions which are released to the atmosphere. These fugitive emissions are the largest contributing factor to damages in our environment. Both of these programs benefit the environment and the facility in which they are performed.
  • The Steam Abatement Program may not deal directly with any dangerous and harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere, but it has proven to save facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars each calendar year.

 VOC Emissions Program

VOC Emissions, also known as Fugitive Emissions, are very harmful to the environment. The prevention of these harmful pollutants from becoming released to the atmosphere is where Leak Sealers, Inc. contributes a great deal of their attention. These harmful pollutants are continually monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency due to their potential dangers. It is critical to prevent all these potential hazards. Leak Sealers has produced the industry leading technology necessary to eliminate and prevent VOC Emissions from escaping to the atmosphere. This technology was obtained from extensive experience and innovative consideration in the day-to-day assessment of the leak sealing industry. Leak Sealers, Inc. believes the remarkable benefits provided by this exclusive technology are ‘second-to-none’ and stands behind this program 100% through every step of the process.

The advantages and benefits of Leak Sealers, Inc. VOC Emissions Program is a major contributing factor in protecting our environment.

VOC Emissions Advantages and Benefits:

  • Full-service response team ready a willing to aid your facility with any of your VOC Emission needs.

  • Installation of VOC valves at your facility allows for ease of preventing the leak.

  • Cost effective and easy to maintain and operate

  • Protecting and restoring the environment is top priority

  • Safety improvements obtained after task completion which prevent the escape of harmful pollutants

Steam Loss Abatement Program

The Steam Loss Abatement Program offered by Leak Sealers, Inc. utilizes the capturing and controlling of your facilities Steam Loss. Even though steam is not a harmful chemical released to the atmosphere, the steam lost accounts for millions of dollars lost each year in this industry. Leak Sealers, Inc. has performed studies and surveys with detailed reports at different facilities showing the benefits of this very valuable program. The Steam Loss Abatement Program reports provide details with all of the facts and resources required to save the company money each year. This program has saved major companies in the petrochemical industry hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  What will you receive from the Steam Loss Abatement Program? 

  • Fully trained response team ready to tackle your facilities steam loss problems.

  • Monitoring of the steam loss with detailed survey documentation reports.

  • Logical advice on all possible and most cost effective methods of containing all of the steam lost.

  • 100% guarantee the Leak Sealers Personnel will complete the tasks at the highest and most cost effective manner.

  • A full detailed report on all of the leaks and tasks performed to stop and prevent the leaks from reoccurring.

Why go through the elaborate process of the Steam Loss Abatement Program?

Because Leak Sealers has proven year after year that this program helped major corporations save millions of dollars in a yearly term.

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