Response Time Commitment

What are the steps taken when a Client Representative calls Leak Sealers, Inc. for a job?

When a customer calls in a job, the corporate office gathers the following information on the job and records it on a Call-In Sheet.

  • Whether the job is routine or emergency

  • Plant name

  • Contact name and phone number

  • Unit

  • Temperature

  • Pressure

  • Process

  • Proper PPE required for the job

How long will it take the Client Representative’s message to reach the appropriate Leak Sealers, Inc. personnel?

Within five minutes of the customer’s call-in, a member of Leak Sealers Administrative team will dispatch the information to the Client’s Account Manager, the Operations Superintendent, and the LSI Response Team.

How long can the Client Representative expect to wait to see a Leak Sealer’s Response Team Member?

Once the Account Manager has received the information, he will call the Plant Contact with an Estimated Time of Arrival of the Leak Sealers’ Qualified Response Team.

How does Leak Sealers, Inc. track the progress of each job?

When the Response Team arrives at the job site, all critical information is then communicated with the Corporate Office and documented for technical support and follow-up requirements.

How long will a Routine Job take to be completed?

Most Routine jobs are completed within an estimated time of 3 business days. This time frame includes all aspects of the job from start to finish, including measure-up, engineering approvals, fabrication and installation.

How long does an Emergency Job take to be completed?

Most Emergency jobs are completed within 24 to 36 hours. The Account Manager is in constant communication with the client contact from beginning to end.

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