Industrial Leak Repair

Leak Sealer’s On-Stream Industrial Leak Repair capabilities carry a reputation of being “second-to-none” in the Industrial Industry. We give our customers both quality and safety with response times which can’t be beaten.

Industrial Leak Repair Process:

  • When Leak Sealers crews are called on, you will be in constant communication with our staff.

  • Once our technical crews arrive on the job, they immediately begin taking critical detailed measurements.

  • This information is turned into the engineering department, the measure-up is turned into a detailed 2 or 3-D drawing and calculations are run.

  • Upon meeting our design standards, the drawing is stamped and sent to our machine shop.

  • The clamp is fabricated and inspected before being sent to your facility.

  • Upon arrival, our skilled technicians will install the clamp/enclosure the safest and most efficient way possible.

industrial leak repair - leak sealers inc.

Our On-Stream Leak Sealing Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Specialty Custom Fabrications

  • Operable Valve Enclosures

  • 45 Elbows

  • 90 Elbows

  • Line Enclosures

  • Flange Clamps

  • Laterals

  • “T” Enclosures

  • Pipe Wraps

  • VOC Emissions

  • Special Strong backing to Prevent Line Separation

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