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Texas Mobile Butcher is the first licensed custom mobile slaughtering unit in the State of Texas. We take pride in dispatching, processing & packaging your animal in a sanitary, safe, humane manner right at your home or ranch. We process cattle, pigs, goats & deer.
Save the time & hassle of taking your animal to the brick & mortar butcher for processing. Let us come to you so you can be assured that the meat you put in your freezer is indeed the meat you raised.
No waiting for weeks & months to get your meat.
From your pasture to your freezer on the same day. Your animal. Your meat.
Our Process
We will arrive at your farm or ranch in a fully enclosed, sanitized refrigerated box truck & trailer. We will then dispatch your animal, skin and quarter it. The butcher inside will then process the quarters into hand cut custom steaks, fajitas, roasts etc.
It’s that simple. Your meat into your freezer in the same day.
We can tenderize, double grind hamburger meat, & double vacuum seal the meat exactly the way you would like it. All for a fraction of the cost of meat at the grocery store. In a fraction of the time of a regular butcher shop. And you know the meat you are getting is indeed your animal because it never leaves your place ..
Butcher Bio
A lifelong resident of LaGrange, Tx, I attended Sacred Heart Catholic School in LaGrange. I also have been a lifetime parishioner of Sacred Heart Catholic Church & I currently actively participate in ministry there.
Born in the meat processing industry. my family formerly owned & operated Prause Meat Market in LaGrange, Tx. It was a staple that had been in our community for generations since the 1890s. I myself have over 20 years of meat processing experience.
I passionately love the game of baseball. Generally in my free time I hunt, trap, & fish.
Keith Prause
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