Leak Sealers, Inc.

Leak Sealers, Inc. has become a proven leader since it first entered the On-Stream Environmental Repair industry in January 1998.  We have offices located in Lumberton, Nederland, Deer Park, and Sweeny, Texas and also in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  This allows us to provide our customers with quick response times second to none. Our services not only meet but exceed our clients’ requirements. 

Professionals at Leak Sealers, Inc. have established programs allowing our company to move ahead of our competition year after year – going far beyond the industry standards.  Our service cannot be beaten and the specialty programs have proven to save our customers thousands of dollars.  The awards received by our Safety Department have repeatedly put us in the spotlight and our memberships with area safety councils and professional organizations have kept us ahead of trends in the industry.

Our Services

Specialty Services Specialty Services Leak Sealers, Inc. has built a great reputation in this industry because of the specialty services offered to its customers including On-Stream Leak Sealing, Industrial Wraps, Valve and VOC Leak Repairs. Specialty Programs Specialty Programs Leak Sealers, Inc has a Steam Loss Abatement Program and a VOC Emissions Program which provides information and resources designed to protect the environment and save you money at the same time. Third Mechanical Division The Mechanical Division at Leak Sealers Environmental is a very versatile and experienced department. This department deals directly with the machining of Torquing & Tensioning, Pipe Cutting & Beveling flange faces, exchanger heads, and any type of pump base. We also handle Weld Test Isolation Plugs, Hot Taps, Line Stops, Line Freezes, and Turn Around Capabilities. Machine Shop Machine Shop Leak Sealers, Inc. has it's own fabrication facility called Phoenix Precision Machine. We are ASME Accredited for U Stamp and we are also NBBI R Stamp Certified. Fifth Safety Leak Sealers Environmental has been a leader in a volatile 24/7 service industry going on thirteen (13) years. When we started our business, one of our main objectives was not only to reach the goal of being the preferred provider in our industry but also to reach that goal with a record of Safety Excellence behind us.